About Us

Unraveling Our Brilliance

Let us first begin by saying that yes, we are absolutely a real company and this is absolutely a real service. The concept was born from a partnership between Steve Prager and Dan Dillon, two successful business owners and close friends with a shared appreciation for toilet humor. The truth is, we've all ran out of toilet paper at more moments in our lives than most of us care to admit. After Steve and Dan finished sharing one of these stories together (we're not telling whose story it was - except maybe on Jimmy Fallon), they jokingly said we should really do something about this. Shortly thereafter, the concept of ToiletPaperValet.com was born.

For a very low monthly fee, we automatically deliver toilet paper right to your door so you never have to worry about running out again. What's more, even delivered we're still less expensive than what you can pick up at your local store, saving both time and money. Simple enough, right? We think so too.

At ToiletPaperValet.com, we give you everything but the wipe. Sign up today!

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