Quality TP

About Our Sh*t

We offer our quality toilet paper in three awesome sizes to satisfy any living situation.

The Six-Pack

6 rolls: $9.99 + Free Shipping

Our six-pack of toilet paper doesn’t mess around. These rolls are soft, durable, and born to take care of business - great for a small apartment, mobile home, or if you’re living in your RV (just make sure you stay put every month so we can ship it to you).

The Sublime Nine

9 rolls: $11.99 + Free Shipping

Our nine-pack of toilet paper is perfect for sharing with your roommate, spouse, child, or even that monkey that you potty-trained. Divvy out the rolls or put them in your very own “share” pile. Either way, we’ll commend you for not keeping our high-quality TP all to yourself.

The Perfect Dozen

12 rolls: $13.99 + Free Shipping

There's no better way to describe our 12-pack of toilet paper. Every roll is made perfectly to bring you comfort, dependability and sheer satisfaction. This assortment is ideal for families, frat houses, or those who frequently eat Mexican food.

Just remember… "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."

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